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line for home pageStart up here to see what we do in our writer’s workshop in the following links, then peruse the lessons in the categories below.

Writer’s Workshop Basics
A Day in Our Writer’s Workshop
A Look at the Writing Process
Kids Need A Publisher Too – Publishing in the Writing Process
Making Homemade Books
How to Grade A Paper – includes a printable grading sheet

line for home pageGenres and Creative Writing

line for home pagePoetry Lessons

Name Poems
An Assisted Acrostic
Sausage Poems
Finish That Rhyme
Diamante Poems

line for home pageWriting Skills

Writing Great Sentences
The Six Traits of Writing – includes a printable rubric
Adding Details To Writing with Juicy Sentences – includes printable
Silly Similes
Allie’s Amazingly Artistic Alliterations
Four Square Writing Method
Five Senses Writing Activity
East of the Sun and West of the Moon – practicing narration skills

line for home pageGrammar & Mechanics

Making the Case for D.O.L.
Parts of Speech
Adjective and Adverb Word Bank Bookmarks
The 5 W’s

line for home pageSpelling Activities

Making Spelling Fun
Rollin’ Rainbow Spelling
Magic Spelling
Spelling Stories and Sign Language

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