Have you ever made a quadrama?  I try to fill our home school with lots of projects to make the learning as memorable as possible. . . always looking for things that stick in their minds!  We do lots of reading and I have my kids make book projects of their choice about the things they read.  Today my daughter finished reading Mummies in the Morning by Mary Pope Osborne (we love the Magic Treehouse series!).  It was time for a book project!  {Oh, and to find out more about book projects and other things we do to encourage reading at our house, go take a peek at our Bookworms page.} She decided to craft a quadrama for her project since a pyramid is the perfect shape for a book about Egyptian pyramids.  She loved the project so much though, that I predict many more quadramas in our future, whether … click to read more

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

We made several kinds of ancient Egyptian jewelry during our study of the Egyptians.  They not only wore it for its’ beauty, but also because they believed it was magical and could protect them from evil as long as they wore it.  It represented power, beauty, and their beliefs.  It was a symbol of their wealth and status. The Egyptians used beautiful, accessible supplies to craft their jewelry.  They used shells, beads, stones, gems, plants, gold, and silver.  Soft gems and colored glass were favorites among the materials they used.  They had beautiful turquoise jewelry too. They were buried with jewelry too.  Earrings, arm bands, bracelets, belts, anklets, rings, necklaces, hair bands, crowns, hair ornaments–all of these were a normal part of life in ancient Egypt.  Men even wore jewelry! This is King Tut’s pendant.  The wealthier and more powerful someone was, the larger and more ornate their jewels were as well. … click to read more