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All next week we’ll take you through the Layers of Learning Homeschool Curriculum, day by day, to show you how to use the program. For a broad overview of Layers of Learning read this first: Layers of Learning Curriculum.

I would like to make clear however that this is simply one example, it is one week of what we did in our homeschool this spring.  Layers of Learning is super flexible and can be used in any way that suits your family.  At our homeschool we use a Subject-of-the-Day schedule.  That means we do history on Monday, geography on Tuesday, science on Wednesday, art on Thursday, and Friday we leave open for extra projects we didn’t have time for earlier in the week, time to get together with our homeschool friends, or an easy day.  This simple schedule keeps us on track and works as well for my kindergartener as for my high-schooler.

Homeschool Weekly Schedule Sample

But you don’t have to do it that way.  You could adjust that schedule any way you like it.  You can drop an entire subject, like all of geography, if you don’t feel like studying that.   You can use Layers of Learning as an idea book of projects and printables to go with another curriculum you’re using.  You can focus on history for an entire week and then pick up science the next week.  You can do every subject every day.  You can use Layers of Learning only in the summer.  We don’t care, in fact we want you to adjust the basic curriculum to your style.

Besides our weekly subject rotation we do daily work.  Math, writing, and reading happen each day for each of my kids.  Some of my kids are also doing foreign language and that too is daily.  I have one who is learning to play the piano and that requires daily practice as well.  Those subjects are not part of the Layers of Learning Curriculum, except in a peripheral way, so the series on how to use our homeschool curriculum will not focus on them.  However, the three R’s, Reading ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic, are the foundation and most important part of any education.  If you are heading for a stressful time in your life or feeling generally overwhelmed, drop history, geography, science, and art if you must, but not the basics.

You can read more about what resources we use in our homeschool and a more detailed view of a daily schedule in our homeschool here: A Day In Our Homeschool.

We also feel that Layers of Learning makes an excellent summer program to supplement a public school education for parents who want their kids to understand history, science, geography, and art in a far more thorough and orderly way than the schools are presenting it.

So follow us all next week to see how Layers of Learning works for us.

Monday is history


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