The Arts

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How To Teach Art – Read this first, then browse the lessons below.
How To Draw . . . Art Lesson Warm-Ups – See how we start our lessons out with a quick sketch in our sketchbooks.
Art Appreciation – Using inexpensive cards of paintings to teach appreciation with simple games and activities.

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Art Principles

Line – Make a line sampler to explore the various kinds of line that artists use.
Texture – Learn about texture and how artists use this cool tool.
Shape – Explore shapes within art, print a tangram puzzle, and make some foil shape art.
Color  – Explore color within art and learn about the characteristics of color

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Historical Art Lessons

Pictographs and Petroglyphs – A guide to American sites where you can view cave paintings.
Muslim Mosaics – Use clay and beads to explore the geometric designs of Muslim mosaics.
Chinese Paper Cutting
Rubber Cement Batik
Fresco Painting
Grecian Urns
A Printable Re-Telling of The Knights, a Greek Play by Aristophanes
Roman Mosaics for Kids
Senufo Cloth Paintings – Paintings from Africa
Illuminations – a lesson on medieval monks and bookmaking
Renaissance Art Cards – Art appreciation with printable cards
El Greco
Michelangelo’s Ceiling
Reformation Art Cards – printable postcards to use with art appreciation
Baroque Art Cards – Printable postcards to use with art appreciation
Baroque Music Cards – printable postcards to learn about composers and their most famous pieces
Rembrandt Art Cards – printable postcards featuring Rembrandt paintings
Impressionist Movement
Monet’s Water Lilies with Oil PastelsMonet’s Water Lilies with tissue paper
Impasto Painting in the style of Vincent Van Gogh

How Raven Stole The Sun – A printable Native American legend to illustrate
Picasso’s One Color Paintings
Matisse Cut-Outs
Painting With Pointillism – A lesson on Seurat
Munch’s The Scream
Native American Sand Paintings
Ojo De Dios – Mexican Craft
Audubon’s Birds
American Patriotic Music
Jackson Pollock’s Drip Paintings
Introduction to Photography for Kids – A lesson that focuses on the history of photography and some of the greats.
Take An Architectural Tour – A Photo tour of the Washington State Capitol building with mentions of its influences and design.

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Crafts. Art Techniques, and Fun

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Seasonal Art

Roll-A-Snowman A fun snowman drawing game
Indoor Snowball Fight, including instructions for making snowballs craft
Snow Painting
Sparkly Snow Globes
Penguin Craft
Planet Christmas Ornaments – perfect at Christmastime or as part of a planets unit study

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