The Arts

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How To Teach Art – Read this first, then browse the lessons below.
How To Draw . . . Art Lesson Warm-Ups – See how we start our lessons out with a quick sketch in our sketchbooks.
Art Appreciation – Using inexpensive cards of paintings to teach appreciation with simple games and activities.

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Art Principles

Line – Make a line sampler to explore the various kinds of line that artists use.
Texture – Learn about texture and how artists use this cool tool.
Shape – Explore shapes within art, print a tangram puzzle, and make some foil shape art.
Color  – Explore color within art and learn about the characteristics of color

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Historical Art Lessons

Pictographs and Petroglyphs – A guide to American sites where you can view cave paintings.
Muslim Mosaics – Use clay and beads to explore the geometric designs of Muslim mosaics.
Fresco Painting
Grecian Urns
A Printable Re-Telling of The Knights, a Greek Play by Aristophanes
Roman Mosaics for Kids
Senufo Cloth Paintings – Paintings from Africa
Illuminations – a lesson on medieval monks and bookmaking
Renaissance Art Cards – Art appreciation with printable cards
El Greco
Reformation Art Cards – printable postcards to use with art appreciation
Baroque Art Cards – Printable postcards to use with art appreciation
Baroque Music Cards – printable postcards to learn about composers and their most famous pieces
Rembrandt Art Cards – printable postcards featuring Rembrandt paintings
Monet’s Water Lilies

How Raven Stole The Sun – A printable Native American legend to illustrate
Matisse Cut-Outs
Painting With Pointillism – A lesson on Seurat that also includes a printable color wheel
Munch’s The Scream
Native American Sand Paintings
Ojo De Dios – Mexican Craft
Audubon’s Birds
American Patriotic Music
Jackson Pollock’s Drip Paintings
Introduction to Photography for Kids – A lesson that focuses on the history of photography and some of the greats.
Take An Architectural Tour – A Photo tour of the Washington State Capitol building with mentions of its influences and design.

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Crafts. Art Techniques, and Fun

Marble Painting – Let a marble be your brush with this painting technique.
Cityscape Art – A cool alternative to a typical landscape.
Yarn Stamping – Make your own original textured stamps.
Aquarium Art
Wax Resist 
Camel Silhouette Art

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Seasonal Art

Autumn Leaf Yarn Painting
Roll-A-Snowman A fun snowman drawing game
Indoor Snowball Fight, including instructions for making snowballs craft
Snow Painting
Sparkly Snow Globes
Penguin Craft
Planet Christmas Ornaments – perfect at Christmastime or as part of a planets unit study

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