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Do you want to train your kids’ minds and teach them your morals?

You don’t have to know it all, you just have to care enough.  We’ll walk you through the rest.

Welcome to Layers of Learning, a whole new kind of curriculum company.

Our Curriculum

Layers of Learning is a four year rotation program you can use with all of your children at once, 1st through 12th.  It was written by homeschool moms for homeschoolers.  It’s organized and packed with information, crafts, printables, games, web links, and book lists.

Layers of Learning includes the subjects of history, geography, science, and the arts.  Once you complete all four years you start over with the program and work through the units again, with an older, more capable student.  So it’s cost effective too.  Buy one program for four subjects for all of your kids clear through graduation.  Learn more . . .


We offer mini-units as well as the complete Layers of Learning curriculum.  The mini-units are sections grabbed out of the curriculum to stand on their own.  They include everything from the parent unit for their particular topic including the book lists, printables, and sidebars.  We’re making more mini-units available all the time.

We also offer a complete one semester course on government, Foundational Principles of Good Government.  This course covers the principles that lead to the greatest freedom and happiness of citizens under government.  It is suitable for everyone, no matter where you live.    Learn more . . .


Our planners are printable, flexible, and only $0.99.  The Mom’s Planner is designed for all moms, but especially for homeschool moms, with lesson planning pages, library lists, and more.  Of course there are also weekly and monthly calendar pages, web password sheets, places for your grocery list, and so much more.

You’ll like our kids planners for school.  They include calendars, learning checklists, graphs, grade trackers, and more.  There are three levels: primary, middle grades, and high school.  Learn more . . .

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pink tea cup full size 001Besides our amazing curriculum, we offer hundreds of free homeschool lessons, homeschool printables, and homeschool helps for newbies and beginners right here on this site.  Grab a cup of cocoa and settle in.

We love teachers too, and so many of you have visited and left awesome feedback letting us know how our printables and lessons have helped in your classrooms.  Hurrah for all the grown-ups out there teaching kids to be great people!

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“Hello! I’ve started using your curriculum and I’m loving it. I live in Scotland and curriculum is very hard to find as home education is fairly uncommon. I am loving the activities you use in these books and that there is more substance than most curriculum for younger kids. Loving it. Thanks loads – mum of 3″

“Looks like another awesome unit! Praying for you as you continue to work through the completion of this whole curriculum. Can’t wait!”

“I LOVE your website!! I could spend hours on there! There are so many talented and generous teachers out there helping each other. Thanks so much!”
– Tiffany

“By sheer luck I found your Blog. I looked at everything you have and you are Amazing.”



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