What You Must Teach Your Children

What You Must Teach Your ChildrenHere are the essential subjects which you must teach your children.  I’ve listed them in order of importance.

  1. Faith in your religious creed
  2. Hard work
  3. Basic skills of caring for oneself and ones family
  4. Reading/ Writing/ Arithmetic
  5. Government and Politics
  6. History/ Science/ Geography
  7. Fine Art and Music
  8. Specialized interests and hobbies


Faith is listed first because without a frame of reference, a knowledge of who you are, your purpose and your destiny, you cannot do anything good or purposeful with the rest of the knowledge.  A knowledge of God and basic morality come first in our list of priorities.

Hard Work

Without an example of hard work and the practice of both hard physical and mental labor adults drift and fail. Some people figure it out on their own once they become adults, but most don’t and the lessons learned in childhood are the most permanent.

Basic Skills

Knowing how to do laundry, cook, clean, chop firewood, change a flat tire, manage money, clean out the gutters on the house, or fix a faulty circuit are essential to the good life. Even if you can afford to have someone else do all these tasks for you, ignorance of them will mean you are at the mercy of others. This category also includes things like eating healthy, caring for ones body, not abusing oneself with drugs and alcohol, etc.

The 3 R’s

Finally we get to a “school” subject. Just because it doesn’t show up until number four doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Whether you have chosen to personally educate your children or if you have hired that task out to others it is the responsibility of the parent to see that your children are educated well in the basics. The three R’s are essential to function in modern society. It makes no difference how brilliant or poor the teacher is, the child is the one who will suffer if it isn’t done well.

Michelle's Boys

Teaching my boys is a serious responsibility. No one else is responsible, not the Sunday School and not the Public School.


Government and politics come next and deserve their own category. There is nothing that will affect your child’s adult life more than the government under which they live. It is the business of all citizens to be informed of the principles of good government. A knowledge of current events is not enough. You must teach your children how to analyze and judge the people and events in the political world. It is a sacred duty to keep the freedom that we have inherited for yet another generation to enjoy.

History, Science, Geography

History, science, and geography, in other words a knowledge of the world of nature and the world of humans, is the next essential area of study. If the schools are not teaching our children these things, it is easily remedied through popular magazines, books, and videos. No education is complete without a view of the world we inhabit. The knowledge of these things allows us to create the medicine, energy, technology, commerce, and business we enjoy and to avoid mistakes of the past.

The Arts

Next come the finer things and, like the three R’s, their position on the list does not mean they are not important. Until we have learned of God, how to care for ourselves, how to communicate with one another, have secured a free state, and created wealth and commerce we are not able to enjoy the fruits of the prosperous free nation, which are fine art and music along with the things of the final category, our private interests and pursuits.

Personal Pursuits

Specialization is a feature of free-market societies, where every person is able to specialize in the areas where their talents lie. Children should be encouraged to pursue their individual interests and hobbies. Most of these interests will probably fizzle out in a short time, some of them will become life-long private pursuits, and one or two may become the focus of a life time.

And THAT is what you must teach your children.


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