Layers of Learning Unit 3-18

Here is Layers of Learning Unit 3-18.

Price: $4.99
cover 3-18

Layers of Learning Unit 3-18 includes:

  • History: Founding Fathers
  • Geography: Iran
  • Science: Compounds
  • Arts: Rococo Art


Make a sentence strip timeline of your favorite Founding Father (or Mother).  Show your books a little love with some Thomas Jefferson Book Plates.  Learn the Iranian tale of the Magic Horse.  Set off some “rocket fuel” on your driveway.  Decompose water.  And take a tour of The Swing by Jean-Honore Fragonard.  All this, dozens more explorations, plus printables, library lists, additional layers, web links and more are included in Layers of Learning Unit 3-18.

This is part of a unit study covering four subjects: history, geography, science, and the arts.  It is designed to be used family style with all ages from 1st graders up to 12th graders learning together.  Each book is in full color and includes printables at the end.  Learn more about the Layers of Learning Curriculum.

3-18 sample page

To learn more about the Layers of Learning program see your FAQ page and What Layers of Learning Is and How To Use It.  You can also get Unit 1-1 for free so you can try out the program before your buy.

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