Ten Romantic Dates For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is in just one week!  Holy Hearts, Batman!

We’ve got to get this planned . . .

Cam and Michelle at a soccer game

Homeschooling is about more than the three R’s.  And making time for romance and relationships is important so here are ten (inexpensive) romantic dates for Valentine’s Day:

1. Good old fashioned flowers on the table, a fancy dinner, and candlelight .  .  . put the kids to bed first or let them be your servers.

2. Get a romantic movie to watch at home. A TV in the bedroom is essential for this one.  Move one in there for the night if you don’t normally have one in your room.  You’ll need romantic snacks like cheese, crackers, fruit, and a bubbly drink.   Movie ideas: Casa Blanca, The Notebook, Love Story, While You Were Sleeping,West Side Story, Emma, Breakfast at Tiffany’s (or anything with Audrey Hepburn in it), or A Room With A View.

3. Take a walking window shopping tour downtown.  In our little town it would be touristy stores and art shops . . . perfectly romantic, followed up by dessert at a hometown restaurant.

4. Put together a video of you and him with pictures gleaned from way back when.  Set it to some of your favorite music.  Watch it alone or with the kids.

5. Dance.  Find out if there’s a dance club or a dance event happening on V-day and go to it.  Or you can always put together a CD of your favorites and dance in the living room.

6. Re-create one of your favorite dates, maybe your first date or the date when he popped the question.

7. Send the kids to Grandma’s house and spend the night in your house without the kids. Plan a special dinner at home along with your favorite entertainment.  Then sleep in late and go out to brunch in the morning.

8. Plan a theme date.  For example you could plan a “trip to Hawaii” and make Kalua pork, huli huli chicken, sticky rice and pineapple.  Play some Hawaiian music and take a dip in the tub . . . that’s right, together . . .

9. Surprise him by having the kids gone when he gets home.  Make a trail of rose petals or paper hearts for him to follow to find you in a romantic setting in the bedroom.

10. Go to a discount store or mall with $10 each (or the amount of your choice).  Split up and  peruse the store for the perfect gift within your budget.  Then go out to dinner and give your gifts.


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