Layers of Learning Unit 4-3

Come explore Layers of Learning Unit 4-3. History: Industrial Revolution Geography: U.S. Landscapes Science: Energy The Arts: Romantic Art I Description In this unit you’ll find sections on history, geography, science, and art.  First, put together a printable notebooking page that teaches about Capitalism and Cronyism.  Next, cut and paste as you learn about the mountains of the United States.  Make a miniature 3-D diorama of a swampland.   Then do an activity that will help you actually see a Joule of energy in action.  Finally, create a paper collage to learn about techniques used by the Hudson River School of art.  Layers of Learning Unit 4-3 has all of this and dozens more ideas.   It will keep your kids learning with hands-on fun.  This is a PDF. In each unit you’ll find a recommended library list, important background information about each topic, and lots of activities to choose from. … click to read more

Layers of Learning Unit 4-1

Layers of Learning Unit 4-1 contains full materials for learning about history, geography, science, and the arts.  Learn about the history and function of the United States government, the geography of the United States, heat and temperature, and patriotic music.   Layers of Learning Unit 4-1 History: American Government Geography: U.S.A. Science: Heat & Temperature The Arts: Patriotic Music Description Create your own government based on natural laws.  Then craft a “filmstrip” page to show the parts of the Constitution.  Next build a photo collage as you learn about the regions of the United States.  Monitor the temperature of a pot of heating water as it turn from solid to liquid to gas and learn about latent heat.    Finally play a guessing game as you listen to martial anthems of America.  Layers of Learning Unit 4-1 has all of this and dozens more ideas to keep your kids learning with hands-on fun. … click to read more

Connecticut State Study

Connecticut was first settled by the Dutch who had claimed the land from the Connecticut River to the Delaware River for the Netherlands and named the area New Netherlands.  English colonists from Massachusetts soon outnumbered the Dutch colonists and New Netherlands disappeared when the city of New Amsterdam surrendered to the English in 1664 and the city was renamed New York. Connecticut is situated adjacent to New York City and parts of Connecticut are counted as belonging to the Greater New York area, which along with New Jersey is called the tri-state area.  Connecticut’s coastline and navigable Connecticut River have given the state a history of maritime trade and fishing.  The southern and western parts of the state are heavily urbanized giving Connecticut one of the highest population densities in the United States.  The northern and eastern parts of the state are more rural and have picturesque New England farm … click to read more