Draw a Story Starters

My kids' favorite way to do a quick writing practice.

One of the things I’ve been working on with my kids is just getting things down on paper when they are given a writing assignment.  They seem to have these mental blocks where they just stare at the paper. So I made these story starters to use during a timed “writing frenzy”.  Since you draw from four different idea bags, this method gives endless story starters. Before we start writing the kids chose one slip of paper from each of the baggies.  In one baggie is the topic, in another is the problem, in another is an adjective, and in the last is an object.  You can mix the cards around any way you like for your story.  In the cards drawn below, either the mom could be crazy or the math homework could be. The rule for our writing frenzy is that everyone has to write for the entire … click to read more

Teaching Preschoolers To Write

Teaching preschoolers to write should be fun.  There’s a lot that has to happen before they are going to be off to the races and forming letters on their own though.  Toddlers and pre-schoolers aren’t developmentally ready to write solo yet, but they do all kinds of things that prepare them for the writing they will do later on.  Physical writing control comes in stages: scribbling vertical strokes horizontal strokes circular motions following pathways tracing paths independent formation of shapes, figures, letters, and more Sometimes we try to hurry kids through these because everything before the actual writing just feels like scribbling to grown-ups.  Moms I’ve talked to spend a lot of time worrying about their kids reaching that next milestone, whether it be in potty training or writing their first letters.  Why are we in such a big hurry for kids to grow up? Relax, moms.  Relax.  Let them … click to read more