How to Subscribe to Layers of Learning (Or any other site)

So you like our site and you want to read our articles, but you forget, get lost on doing other things.  We know, you’re busy.  But there’s hope!  Here is the lowdown on how to subscribe to Layers of Learning (and any other sites you want to keep up with). This site, and nearly every other site, produces something called an RSS Feed.  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  It means that our blog puts out our articles that can be picked up by a third party reader.  This is what our feed looks like in its raw form.  An RSS reader grabs that raw data and turns it back into something pretty. This is lucky for you because it makes it super easy to keep up with our blog posts. There are two ways. First Way: Email Inbox Subscribe to get emails from us in your inbox.  You will … click to read more