Circuit Training With Kids

Circuit training with kids can be fun for them and you. The stations are short and the pace varies, keeping the interest of kids for the duration. I started doing circuit training with my kids this spring because three of them had Boy Scout merit badges or achievements they were working on for physical fitness.  The first day they whined a bit, but by the end of that first workout they were hooked. Here’s what we do First of all we have five stations each day because there are five of us, the four kids and me.  Then we rotate through the stations. Each rotation takes about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. We vary the stations each day. But every day includes the running portion, that’s a given. The time for each rotation depends on the runner.  When the runner gets done with his course, we move to the next … click to read more

Homeschool P.E.

Most homeschoolers don’t really do P.E..  P.E. seems to be one of those things that just gets left out of homeschool pretty often; it’s just one more thing to do in an already busy day for mom and kids.  Even though it requires some effort, I’ve found that not only do my kids really enjoy it, but it also wakes them up a bit when we’ve done a lot of studying or sitting still.  It has become one of the BEST time of our homeschool day.  Getting moving gets our brains jumpstarted. Here’s What We Do For P.E.: We spend about a half hour to an hour (if it’s an outing) every afternoon doing P.E., which at our house just means active play, fun, and exercise. We often go to the park down the street, . . . or rollerblade in the driveway. My kids love to go to the skate … click to read more