Design A Postage Stamp

Your kids can design a postage stamp of their very own.  How cool would it be to be a stamp designer? This printable can be used for lots and lots of things.  Here are a few ideas: Design a stamp about a famous person or event you are studying from history. Make a stamp similar to a coat of arms, that represents significant things about a historical person. After learning about a country, design a postage stamp that would highlight something or someone important from the country. Make your postage stamp feature an important invention or inventor. Create a stamp based on your favorite book, author, or character. Make a stamp all about you.  Draw yourself in the center surrounded by things that represent who you are. Design a postage stamp about an important scientist and their contribution. Make your postage stamp feature your favorite subject, or even the job … click to read more

Teaching Kids to Write Their First Reports

Teaching kids to write their first reports can be daunting.  Indeed, writing a report for a youngster can seem like an overwhelming task.  It’s quite a PROCESS by the time you go from choosing a topic to researching, from organizing to drafting, and finally from editing and revising to ending up with a polished piece of work.  Just talking about the steps can seem exhausting and overwhelming!  When my kids first start writing reports I guide them through and actually do some of the physical writing for them.  Let’s take a quick walk through it. . . First, you need a topic.  Let’s say you are studying the Civil War.  I like to give kids an umbrella topic (like Civil War) and a few specific options to choose from (like the Underground Railroad, Abraham Lincoln, or Civil War spies). Next, you’ll need to do some reading.  As they read about … click to read more