Uh, Oh . . . We Wrote A Biased Curriculum

Just in case you were wondering, our homeschool curriculum here at Layers of Learning is biased.  Everybody who writes, speaks, or breathes is biased.  There has never been an unbiased textbook, history book, science book, or even cookbook.  But unlike most of those sources we admit up front – we wrote a biased curriculum. So let me clue you in to our slant. We’re Americans We’re Americans and our units are written from an American point of view.  We cover all of world history and countries all over the globe, but we do focus on the west and especially on America, because that is our heritage and we must know who are we are and where we come from. We Think You Can Think We believe in presenting facts, asking deep questions and letting you decide.  Of course we have our own moral codes and our own belief systems.  Of … click to read more