Southwest Black Bean Chicken

ISO: A Dinner That Cooks Itself. I’m feeling desperate.  We’re getting into another busy sports season in our family {four kids in basketball . . . YIKES!} and that means crock pot dinners at our house.  Either that or pizza every night, and I can’t handle the mom-guilt that comes by pizza night #3.  By the time we’re winding up our school day I’m simply too tired to figure out what we’re having for dinner anyway, so it’s better all around if I’ve got that particular hurdle squared away early in the day. Enter Southwest Black Bean Chicken. Yes indeed, it practically cooks itself.  And it’s ready whenever we are, just a-waitin’ in the crock pot for us in between homeschool and dashing off to sports. Southwest Black Bean Chicken Ingredients: 1 small bag frozen corn or 1 can of corn 1 can black beans 2 large frozen boneless skinless … click to read more

Easy Creamy Chicken

Tonight I made an easy creamy chicken dinner that was so simple and yummy I thought I’d better share the recipe.  It’s called Easy Creamy Chicken . . . so easy, and so creamy!  My favorite part though, was the zestiness of the little bit of lemon in it. Ingredients 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts 1 package cream cheese (I used fat free) 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 carton sour cream Rice (I used 1 1/2 cups uncooked rice to 3 cups water) Here’s what you do In a saucepan you combine 1 package cream cheese, 1 can cream of chicken soup, and 1 carton sour cream.  Stir it as it warms and combines.  It will turn into a really creamy sauce. Put boneless skinless chicken breasts (I cut them into serving size chunks) in a 9 x 13 pan. Pour the creamy mixture over it. Sprinkle with plenty of … click to read more