Dissolving Ink Experiment

A dissolving ink experiment.

Get two clear jars or cups and fill one with water and the other with rubbing alcohol.  Using a waterproof (permanent) marker, write 2 of the same message – each on a sheet of tough paper (we used index cards).  Gently fold or roll up the messages and soak them – one in each jar of solution.  Now watch and see what happens over time.   What happens after 10 minutes?  An hour?  A day? (Different inks react differently, but most will gradually disappear over time in the alcohol, but stay legible in the water.) Different liquids dissolve different substances.  Alcohol can dissolve many inks while water cannot.  You can watch other things dissolve differently between water and alcohol too. Now Try This Dissolving Salt Experiment Put some water in a mason jar and add salt to it.  Stir it until the salt dissolves.  Now put some rubbing alcohol into a … click to read more