Romantic Music Cards, Part 2

These music cards cover the late Romantic Music period.  The cards are designed to be printed on card stock then used to help kids learn about the music of the greatest composers.  The cards should be used in conjunction with listening to the pieces featured on the cards.  All of the music can easily be found online.  Below we have each of the selections in the art cards embedded as a YouTube video. The late Romantic Period was a continuation of the emotionality and nationalism of the earlier Romantics. Many composers wrote patriotic pieces and used folk songs and tales of their countries as inspiration. The piano and the orchestra remained the most important instruments for musical performances and opera and program music (music that tells a story) were both important through the entire Romantic period. But late Romantics became more and more free with their musical expression. They began … click to read more

Watercolor Art Cards

These printable Watercolor Art Cards feature paintings by a variety of artists from many different eras in art history. Watercolor has never been as popular among artists as oil paints.  Partly this is because of the vivid color and ease of use of oil paints as compared to watercolors.  Watercolor dries very quickly and once it is laid down it cannot be manipulated further or covered over with more layers.  Still watercolor has been extensively used by many fine artists of every art era.  There are very few artists who painted exclusively in watercolor, but there are many oil painters who also used watercolor as a medium. Free Printable Watercolor Art Cards Print the cards onto white card stock and cut them apart on the solid lines.  In the document they are paired with a description of the piece, a little history, a little about the techniques, or a little about … click to read more

Rembrandt Art Cards

These Rembrandt Art Cards depict six paintings by the great Dutch Golden Age painter.  You can print them and use them to play matching games to help children become more familiar with some of Rembrandt’s paintings and his style.   Rembrandt van Rinj was born in the Netherlands in 1606 and died in 1669 at the age of sixty-three.  He painted in the Baroque style but much of his later paintings show a strong Reformation influence.  In 1642 his wife died.  In the years just preceding three of his four children had died.  At this same time Rembrandt’s poor financial decisions had destroyed his wealth.  It was following this crisis that his style becomes more quiet and contemplative, more focused on personal struggles and faith where before his style had been overtly dramatic and flamboyant in keeping with the Baroque movement. Print the cards onto white card stock and cut … click to read more

Reformation Art Cards

These printable Reformation Art Cards cover the 16th century in northern Europe and feature artists like Hans Holbein and Lucas Cranach the Elder.  The set includes ten paintings and their descriptions.  Best of all, it’s free. Reformation Art Cards A Little About Reformation Art The Reformation changed art forever.  Previously the church had been the largest patron of the arts, but now with the austerity introduced by Protestantism, artists had to appeal to wealthy merchants, tradesmen, and their guilds to buy their art.  Besides, the new religious movements taught that all knowledge and all subjects bring glory to God, not just religious ones.  So during the Reformation we have our first secular art. Religious art was not dead though. The Reformation artists still painted Madonnas and Bible scenes, but the halos were gone and the Bible stories focused on themes of forgiveness and God’s grace rather than the perfection of … click to read more

Renaissance Art Cards

The Renaissance is a super important period in art history and I wanted my kids to be familiar with some of the most famous paintings and artists as a part of their cultural education.  So I made this set of 12 printable Renaissance Art Cards, which I am also sharing with you.   You’re welcome.  Note: Several of the paintings in the Art Cards show nudes; just a heads up. The cards are high resolution images of some of the most famous of Renaissance paintings.  Some are religious and some are secular.  Some show scenes from mythology and others are definitely Christian.  Most are from the Italian Renaissance, but there are three from northern Europe.  Each painting has an accompanying description card that tells the name of the piece, who the artist was, and a few details so you know what you’re looking at. Print the cards onto white card stock … click to read more