Hudson River School Art Cards

We created the printable Hudson River School Art Cards to help you teach your kids about fine art.  This is part of a series of art and music cards we here at Layers of Learning have created.  Each set includes postcard size images of famous paintings paired with a description card about each painting. The Hudson River School was begun in about 1825 by Thomas Cole and his friend Asher Durand in the Hudson River Valley and lasted until around 1900. It was part of the larger Romantic movement that was taking place in Europe, but instead of ruined abbeys being overtaken by trees, the Americans portrayed their cultural heritage, untamed wilderness. The themes of the Hudson River School include the ability to find and commune with the Divine in nature, the value of wild spaces and human interconnectedness with them, and how civilization encroaches on nature. The first generation … click to read more

Romantic Art Cards

These Romantic Art Cards are printable and intended to be a tool to help you teach your kids about fine art.  As we learn more about something we are more able to see with a trained eye and understand with a trained mind.  Therefore, the more we understand, the more we enjoy the art.  And that is the real purpose of fine art, to bring pleasure and understanding. The Romantic period in art followed the Neoclassical period and preceded the Impressionist movement, spanning from about 1800 to 1850. Romanticism included many different styles and subjects for painting but was unified by a few characteristics, especially emotion, nature, and current events. Romantic artists were trying to evoke feelings in their audience with the paintings they made. Often the subjects of the paintings were making social or political statements. Even landscape painters of the time wanted to evoke feelings of regret, longing, or … click to read more

Watercolor Art Cards

These printable Watercolor Art Cards feature paintings by a variety of artists from many different eras in art history. Watercolor has never been as popular among artists as oil paints.  Partly this is because of the vivid color and ease of use of oil paints as compared to watercolors.  Watercolor dries very quickly and once it is laid down it cannot be manipulated further or covered over with more layers.  Still watercolor has been extensively used by many fine artists of every art era.  There are very few artists who painted exclusively in watercolor, but there are many oil painters who also used watercolor as a medium. Free Printable Watercolor Art Cards Print the cards onto white card stock and cut them apart on the solid lines.  In the document they are paired with a description of the piece, a little history, a little about the techniques, or a little about … click to read more

Art Appreciation

You can use inexpensive art postcards to teach art appreciation, like these from Dover Publishers.   Or these printable Renaissance Art Cards from us! Art appreciation is more than just looking at art.  To appreciate art, you need to understand what you are looking at, but the first step is to become familiar with art and artists.  Here are some activities you can do with your kids of any age. Have the kids study one painting for a few minutes, encourage them to try to remember everything they see.  Then take the painting away and quiz them on details.  This helps them to really look at what they see, instead of just getting an overall impression. Choose several postcards and write the names of the artists on separate pieces of paper.  Match the artist with the painting. Get prints of a particular school of painting, like cubism or impressionism.  Have … click to read more