Part of our philosophy is that reading real books should be coupled with memorable learning experiences.  Explorations are learning activities.  An exploration could be re-enacting an important battle from history, building a model of the solar system, or doing a real fresco painting on wet plaster.  Experiments and expeditions are special explorations focusing on science and field trips, respectively. 


These are the top explorations from our site.  You might like them too.  They have been viewed many thousands of times by people like you.

This is a flip book you can make and add to all year showing the parts of speech.
Here's a printable template to use to make a newspaper article for history, geography, or English class.
This medieval style book is made from paper bags, printer paper, and embroidery floss.
This is a printable travel brochure you can make when studying places around the world.
Here is a printable soil horizons worksheet for science.
Teach your kids about the 1st Amendment with this discussion and activity.
Teach your kids about the 2nd Amendment.
A hands-on and colorful way to learn about longitude and latitude grids on maps.
A printable worksheet to color code the jobs of the three branches of US government.  Use the Constitution to fill it out.


Click on the links here to see indexed pages of all the explorations in each of these subjects.  Everything on these pages is free.










These are Karen's favorite explorations.  Her teaching style is very hands on.  She loves doing crafts with her kids and sitting, kid in lap, pouring over a book together.

If you can do a project that teaches history and art at the same time, I'm in.  That's what is so great about this Navajo sand painting project.  Plus the bright colors really pull kids in. -K
I always have a slew of activities the kids can grab and do on their own for spelling practice. Rollin' Rainbow spelling is one of their favorites. -K
I love taking something boring like latitude and longitude and making it into a crafty colorful project that kids will remember. -K
This is a unique way to study a sort of humdrum geography topic: landforms.  Kids can really do this on their own and the result is very cool. -K
Dissections sort of gross me out, but I couldn't believe how much we learned from this.  I could hardly pull the kids away from our little gal. -K
When my little girl was a preschooler she painted this series of trees to show the seasons.  There is nothing a preschooler likes more than a project that is just for her.  -K


Michelle's favorite explorations include giving a quick lesson, asking demanding discussion questions, then handing her kids a printable to complete.  Crafts are her kryptonite.

If you must do a crafty sort of map then it should involve cookie dough. -M
More than doing art projects, I want my kids to fall in love with great art.  These art postcard sets help in that quest. -M
Extracting real DNA from things that were really once alive is the height of cool kitchen science. -M
I love taking difficult concepts like oxidation and reduction and making them kid friendly.  -M
I'm a government junkie nerd.  This simple matching game teaches the basics about government types and fills my need to pass on my nerdiness to my kids. -M
Historical maps are the bomb.  This one takes you on a guided tour through medieval Europe of the 16th century.  -M

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