Skeleton Worksheet and Craft

Print out this skeleton worksheet and craft:

Skeleton Worksheet

Roughly cut out the pieces of the skeleton and then glue the bones together in the right order.

Garrett is pretending to be sad because “this guy is dead”.

Or you can glue your skeleton to a piece of construction paper and label the bones.

Here are the names of the major bones:

Additional Layers:

  • Compare human skeletons to other vertebrate skeletons.  How do the structures of bodies compliment the functions of those bodies?
  • One of the first people to describe and draw the human skeleton was the always talented Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Play “Simon says” with the bones.  “Simon says wiggle your metatarsals”, etc.
  • Learn about the anatomy of the inside of a bone too.  We love the Human Anatomy Coloring Book from Dover.  It’s the right price so you can buy one for each of your kids.  Check out these other great skeleton books too.

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