Ever played Roll-A-Snowman?  It’s a really cute, easy game that’s just as fun for grown-ups as it is for kids.  You just roll a die and then draw the snowman according to the key.  You’ll end up rolling 6 times for each snowman you create.  Just click on the picture to take you to the free printable for Roll-A-Snowman.

CaptureFor such a simple concept, you wouldn’t believe how many hours of entertainment this game has provided in our household.  The combinations seem endless.  My daughter and I play together, giggle, and draw dozens of really cute snowmen.  We can hardly put our dice and pencils down.

Playing Roll-A-Snowman

Roll-A-Snowman would be great as a drawing lesson if you emphasize the idea that most things we want to draw are just made up of a combination of simple shapes.  Have the kids point out some shapes they see and practice drawing them.  You can also have them point out different kinds of lines they see in the snowmen they draw – dotted, curved, and line patterns like stripes.

It would also make a great art lesson warm-up.  Click here to see how I use how-to-draw tutorials as quick art lesson warm-up before most of our art lessons.

We are also using Roll-A-Snowman as a family night activity.  We will each have our own die and draw our own snowmen on small pieces of paper.  Then we’ll flip our drawings upside down and put them in the middle of the table.  When it’s your turn to guess, you collect all the pictures and try to figure out and announce who drew each picture.  We aren’t keeping score (just drawing and guessing for kicks!), but you could set up a simple score keeping sheet if you want to.

Roll-A-Snowman snowmen

Have fun playing!

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