Printable Mom’s Planner

Karen and I made these printable mom’s planners for ourselves and thought you might like them too. They’re customized just for Mom.

We include:

  • Basic info sheet with your contact stats
  • A holiday list to add to your calendar
  • A birthday list
  • Monthly calendar sheets, ready to be filled in
  • Weekly calendar planner pages including to-do, appointments, menu, and grocery shopping plus check lists to mark off recurring daily and weekly to-do’s
  • Pages just for notes with a 1/4″ grid in the background
  • Contact pages where you can enter friends, family, and business phone, address, and e-mail info
  • Password pages for all the web sites in your life
  • Blog planning pages for the bloggers out there
  • Exercise log pages
  • Library lists
  • Calorie counting sheets
  • Clothing sizes so you’ve got all that info on hand
  • Gift ideas sheets to write down as you get brilliant ideas
  • Goal setting pages
  • Lined Journal Pages
  • Babysitter instruction sheets
  • Budget for your income and a plan for your savings
  • Pocketbook to keep track of your budget categories

The best part is that each section of the planner is a separate file and you can print out just what you need in exactly the quantities you need.  Not a blogger?  Don’t print those pages.  Need tons of note paper?  Print away, baby!  (tip: don’t print out a years worth of weekly calendar pages, start with just making enough for two months or so.  You can add more later and it will make getting your planner put together much easier and quicker to start off.  Besides you probably don’t need your planner so stuffed full.)

One feature we love is that on the weekly calendar pages the menu and grocery list are on opposite outside margins of the page.  Make up your menu, write your ingredients on the grocery list, then cut off your grocery list to take with you to the store.  The only thing you’ll be cutting off from the previous page is last week’s menu.  And you’ll be creating an automatic bookmark of cut pages so you can immediately see where this week is located.

Cut off the grocery list to take to the store and create an instant bookmark for your weekly calendar pages.

We also include three different cover styles to choose from.  The cover is in full color while the inside pages are grey scale.   Your personal planner can be printed and bound at a copy shop or you can print it, hole punch it, and stick it in your own binder to make it more refillable and customizable.


The planner is a half sheet letter size (4.25″x5.5″), formatted to print on a full letter size sheet (8.5″x11″) and be cut in half.  We recommend double side printing on sheets where this is appropriate.

We provide the basic formatted sheets, but you’ll want to make it perfect by:

  • Choosing a binder you love in the half size.  This is the standard size for a basic professional planner and you can use these pages as refills.  Or you can buy a colorful binder.  Or you can buy a binder with a clear sheet protector cover, which you can slip our colorful covers (including spine) into.
  • Choosing dividers.  Get clear or colored tabs and slide your own custom made tabs into each one.  Or make your own colorful dividers with cardstock and stick on tabs.  We recommend a tab or two for sticking to the top of your plan pages to stick in your current spot or to put your addresses in ABC order.
  • Choose pretty paper to print your planner pages on.  A quality off-white or yellow parchment makes for a sophisticated looking style or you can choose a soothing blue or peppy pink–whatever you like.
  • Get tools to make it easier to put your planner together.  A quality hole punch is a must.  If your binder has anything other than the standard three holes you’ll need to buy a hole punch to match.  A guillotine style paper cutter will make your life immeasurably better as well.

Price: $0.99

Keep an eye out for free pages and covers to print and add to your planner.

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4 Responses to Printable Mom’s Planner

  1. Terri says:

    My smaller size planners require a special hole-punch. I don’t want to spend money on a new hole punch and am wondering if your planner is also available in the 8 1/2 x 11 size.
    Thank you!

    • Layers of Learning says:

      No, right now we just have the half-sheet size. You can purchase a half size three ring binder. Your hole punch can be adjusted down to fit it. My favorite is the awesome Staples binders. They’re super durable and come in bright colors.

  2. Carol says:

    By sheer luck I found your Blog. I looked at everything you have and you are Amazing. I love your blog. I ordered your planner pages to print for an unbelievable price. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. I have looked for the perfect half size planner forever. Yours is perfect !!!!! love it so much. Thank you.

    • Layers of Learning says:

      Thanks Carol, we work hard on the blog and the printables and its so nice to hear from people who like what we do.

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