Printable High School Planner

A printable, editable high school planner made especially for homeschooled teens.We’ve made this printable high school planner and we’re giving it up it for just $0.99!

Price: $0.99

It includes:

  • Monthly calendar
  • Two different styles of weekly planner
  • Daily planner
  • Semester checklist
  • Reading record
  • Transcript worksheet
  • Extracurricular activity tracker
  • Bucket list
  • Goal setting sheets in two styles
  • Habit tracker
  • Notes
  • Three different cover choices (as seen above right)

The planner includes both colored and black and white styles of each sheet (the semester checklist comes only in black and white).

Printable homeschool high school planner. 99 cents of awesomeness.

Many of the fields are editable so you can type in regular assignments, the titles of the tabs on the Daily and Weekly planner sheets, and many other items that are regular occurrences.  The font we set the document for is Century Gothic, a free font that can be found online.  If you do not have it installed on your computer the font will default to one that is installed on your computer.

Printable homeschool high school planner. 99 cents of awesomeness.

Each type of document is in a separate file for easier printing.  Many of the pages are designed with a center gutter to maximize usable space on the sheet.  Care must be taken in printing.  The sheets with gutters also often have a blank leading sheet.  This is intentional to create correct formatting.  The blank pages should not be printed.

Print as often as you like for all your kids!

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