Printable Classroom Calendar

Need an inexpensive printable classroom calendar for your bulletin board?  We’ve got it.  Keep track of the date, weather, upcoming holidays, and make the calendar part of your daily routine with morning meetings.

Price: $0.99


  • 63 pieces to print, cut apart, and laminate.
  • a hand-painted colored version and black and white version so you can customize or use your kid’s art.
  • major US and Canadian holidays, vacation, birthday, field trip, and seasons calendar squares.
  • weather dial with two hands to point to today’s weather.
  • instruction sheet and ideas for a morning meeting.



You create the calendar grid with electric tape, vinyl, sharpie marker, or wet-erase marker in a 3″x3″ grid or larger.  Then add in the adorable hand painted calendar elements for a cool and complete calendar system for your schoolroom or classroom.

Price: $0.99


So here’s how to have a morning meeting with your printable classroom calendar.

  1. Have everyone check the weather and choose one child to set the hands of the weather dial to show two aspects, like it might be sunny and cold or rainy and windy, etc.  You can have older kids record the temperature as well.
  2. Then ask the kids “what month is it?”  Then say all the months in order.  Daily repetition will make memorizing painless.
  3. Now ask, “what day is it?”  then repeat the days of the week.  You can also ask kids about week ends and weekdays, which is which.
  4. Finally ask “what is the date today?”  and kids should give you the number.  You can all then say the whole date, “Monday February 11, 2013”.  Ask the kids “how many days until _____?”  or “how many days has it been since _______?”  Pick a field trip, birthday or holiday coming up.  Have them practice counting forward starting on tomorrow and ending on the goal day.  You can also practice skip counting using the calendar.  Sevens are particularly useful on a calendar.

The “morning meeting” can be at the very start of the school day or you can do it with your math lesson.  You may also want to include mental math or a quick grammar lesson.  Or perhaps work on memorization during this time.

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