Plant Art

plant artI love this idea for plant art.  Kathy is an art teacher who posts lots of neat art ideas on her blog.  This is one of her latest.  It would go perfectly with the plant, garden, and native habitat studies we’ve posted lately.  It would also be a great companion project to creating a terrarium in a jar.  I especially love her idea of using a white crayon to draw the roots (she then has the kids paint over the top with watercolor paints that creates the effect you see in the plant art picture…brilliant!)  For all the instructions for this project, click right here.

Need more fun with plants?

  • Create leaf rubbings with various kinds of leaves
  • Make a collage with items you find on a nature walk.
  • Do a plant survey.
  • Grow a bean plant and create paper bag puppets of “Jack” and a giant then tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.
  • Make a dandelion necklace or dandelion jelly.
  • Create this backpack plant press
  • Or search for “plants” on Layers of Learning and you’ll find many more explorations, projects, and cool ideas!
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2 Responses to Plant Art

  1. Michelle says:

    I like this painting! My kids have made under the sea painting with crayon and paints. I bet they would love this. I'm thinking a terrarium would be fun too. Thanks for the idea. It looks like you have more good art ideas on your blog. I think I'll search around.

  2. Karen says:

    So glad you've joined us Michelle. (: I love the under the aquarium with saran wrap over it too. You use the watercolors and crayons, and then you cover it with saran wrap so it looks like fish in an aquarium…so fun.

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