Picnic Pack

I would very much like to take credit for this idea, but alas, I am not clever enough. My mom actually made this picnic pack for my family. It’s great to have all the picnic stuff in one spot and ready to grab and go.

Whenever there’s a family outing I have plenty of stuff to organize and get ready and with this it’s so easy to get the picnic gear together. I also like using the real plates and flatware instead of plastic and paper, because I don’t have to buy the disposable stuff and worry about having enough and I prefer the experience of using a real fork and plate to the experience of trying to cut or stab with plastic utensils, or eat off of a tiny, bendy, easily destructible plate.

My mom included this stuff in the kit:

  • 8 plates (one for each family member)
  • small drawstring bag to store the plates
  • 8 each of utensils (knife, fork, spoon)
  • cloth holder for the flatware and cooking utensils
  • 8 tumblers
  • 2 knives (one large and one small)
  • spatula
  • mixing spoon
  • can opener
  • grilling fork
  • blanket (for picnicking on the ground)
  • tablecloth
  • bag to hold it all

Some other stuff you might consider:

  • bug spray
  • sunscreen

The flatware kit was made out of a large rectangle of sturdy cotton duck fabric. The edges were hemmed, then the longer side was folded over into two tiers of pockets. Separate sheaths were sewn for each item, then red fabric was used to edges the sides and made ties to hold it all together. To store it, you roll it up and  tie the strips of fabric around it. It keeps the utensils clean and organized and easy to use.

Thanks, Mom.

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