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I love the site and the below pantry organization ideas are an excellent example of why.  Because we have a large family {8} and because as homeschoolers we rely on a single income, food storage is especially important to us, so it’s the food storage pantry in the basement that I desperately need to deal with.

I’d like shelves, to paint the concrete floors in something fun, and to repaint the walls in something not yellow. It could sorta use a bit of tidying up as well . . . just a little.
My Pantry, before . . . No, I can’t actually walk through it.  Yes, there’s a sailing ship, a broken lamp, and a closet of kids clothes in the middle of the mess. No, I don’t want to talk about it.

But here, here is inspiration!  Love the uniform shelves, all in white. And the super large lazy Susan in the corner is to die for!

I could handle the wire racks, both in terms of price and do-it-yourself-ness. The eye popping color behind the shelves is perfect.

White melamine shelves, wipeable, clean looking, and this one has special space for serving trays and other once-in-awhile dishes.

I would very much like these pull out shelves for my kitchen cupboard pantry . . . it’s so impossible to remember the stuff in the deep dark recesses.

Much more sparse than my actually crowded, jam packed pantry would ever be, but I love how there’s wall paper inside the pantry. I actually want to feel happy when I walk into my pantry and a bit of style would go a long way.

The lower cabinets are pricier than I will do, but the lower closed storage combined with the open shelves above looks great. I might do this with white melamine cabinets. and I actually do need a potato bin and an onion bin in my pantry.

Note to self: shove the ugly store packaging into the cabinets with doors and display the home canned fruits, instead of the insane vice-versa thing currently going on in my storage room.

Step 1: clean out
Step 2: re-paint walls and floors
Step 3: install inexpensive shelving to the ceiling
Step 4: organize, with like foods together
Step 5: inventory and restock

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