Tom Turkey, A Turkey Craft and Gratitude Poem

Tom Turkey

For some Thanksgiving fun, read “It’s Tough To Be A Turkey” and then make your very own Tom Turkey craft.  You may even want to memorize the poem. It’s Tough To Be A Turkey It’s tough to be a turkey Who’s plain old boring brown. Please count your many blessings And turn my life around. A feather for each blessing Will make a brighter me. And every color will reveal How grateful you can be. To make Tom, you’ll need to grab the printable Tom Turkey.  You’ll also need a variety of colors of paint chips, crayons, scissors, brads, and a … Keep on reading

Layers of Learning Unit 3-6

3-6 400x400

Layers of Learning Unit 3-6 is here. This unit in the Layers of Learning Program includes: History: Thirty Years War Geography: Spain Science: Science of Sound The Arts: Baroque Music Make a graphic showing the two sides of the Thirty Years War and some of the major players using printables from this unit.  Play a “running of the bulls” game of tag when learning about Spanish traditions.  Make your own set of mathematical pan pipes as you learn about the science of sound.  And get a guided tour of Baroque music in a series of activities that explain what made … Keep on reading

Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing can seem a little intimidating at first, but if you understand some basics of what to include, it can be really fun for kids to try.  Simply stated, it’s any writing that is trying to convince someone of something.  We use persuasion all the time everyday – when you’re convincing Mom to let you have that cookie, or when you want your sister to go for a bike ride with you, or when you don’t think that punishment is fair and you want to negotiate a new one.  The question is, can you convince me in writing? Persuasive … Keep on reading

Easy Cheesy Manicotti

Easy Cheesy Manicotti

I’ve loved manicotti since I was a little kid, but I HATE, HATE, HATE to make it.  Individually stuffing all those shells drove me crazy, especially after a long day on the homeschool front.  By dinnertime I’m tired, and I want dinner to be quick and easy without resorting to fast food. Several years ago I decided I was done stuffing manicotti and started making it this cheater way.  It’s not exactly the same, but it has all the same flavors without all the insane fuss.  The trick?  String cheese.  Instead of making a fancy schmancy filling, you just fill … Keep on reading

4 Apps For Homeschoolers

4 apps

This summer I discovered 4 apps for homeschoolers (and everyone else) that have streamlined my life.  They’re not really revolutionary.  Recipe organization, to-do lists, and planners have been around forever.  These techy versions just smooth out the bumps and I’d like to introduce them to you. Habit RPG The first is called HabitRPG.  RPG stands for “Role Playing Game”.   It’s a simple program in which you enter things on your habit list, you dailies list, and your to-do list.  You check them off when completed and earn points toward the next level and earn coins you can use to … Keep on reading

Layers of Learning Unit 3-5

3-5 400x400

Layers of Learning Unit 3-5 is here. This unit in the Layers of Learning Program includes: History: Renaissance England Geography: Tanzania & Kenya Science: Mammals The Arts: Shakespeare  Make spoon people puppets of Good Queen Bess, her friends, and her enemies.  Read about the two sides of Oliver Cromwell and his place in English history then decide for yourself whetehr he’s a villain or a hero.  Make a Serengeti shadow box while you learn about Tanzania and Kenya.  Use our printable dog anatomy worksheet to learn how mammals have similar internal parts.  And read and study Hamlet, step by step, … Keep on reading

How To Track Grades and Transcripts for High School Homeschool (and a free Google Sheet template to do it in)

homeschool transcripts and grading

You can keep track of younger kids grades if you want to (or if your state requires you to) but in high school you must track your student’s grades.  The high school grades are necessary for college admissions, military admission, and sometimes for jobs, even years after graduation.  Here we’ll explain how to track grades and transcripts for high school homeschool.  We’ll also share a Google Sheets spreadsheet (scroll down for the link) we formatted to do the grading calculations for you.  The file contains pages for two semesters (you can easily add more) and a page for the transcript … Keep on reading

How To Use Evernote In Your Homeschool


We started using Evernote as our homeschool planners this year for all the kids, from the six year old to the high school senior.  It’s been extremely effective already in helping and teaching the kids to be independent, in keeping me on track, and in utilizing all the resources on the web.  I will now teach you how to use Evernote in your homeschool. What is Evernote? Evernote is a tool used to organize information.  It’s like a virtual shelf of binders, which are full of dividers, which are stuffed with papers containing notes.  It’s very simple and sort of … Keep on reading

Layers of Learning Unit 3-4

Layers of Learning 3-4

Layers of Learning Unit 3-4 is here. This unit in the Layers of Learning Program includes: History: Reformation Geography: Angola & Zambia Science: Birds The Arts: Reformation Art  Make a chart discussing the argument between the Catholics and the Protestants during the time of the Reformation and teach your kids your two cents about what you believe.  Play a “Bible Smuggler” game.  Discuss the costs of the salve trade that still plague Angola and how important family and society structures are to individual happiness.  Play a matching game and learn how bird’s bills are shaped to make eating their favorite … Keep on reading

Second Breakfast and a Chocolate Coffee Cake Recipe


I am most definitely not a morning person.  I roll out of bed moments before our 8am beginning of school scheduled time.  That would be why we instituted the great tradition of Second Breakfast. We named it “Second Breakfast” {yes, it’s capitalized on purpose!} in honor of J.R.R Tolkien and his Hobbits and because for a portion of the family at least it really is their second breakfast.  The kids sometimes get up at the ridiculous hour of 7am  {if you are a morning person you are not allowed to comment on my hour of rising}.  They’re hungry when they … Keep on reading