Clay Snowman


All through December we make a fun Christmas or winter craft each afternoon.  We set aside that family time and don’t let other things interfere.  It’s fun to have the time reserved just for my kids and I to hang out and chat while we craft without tv distractions, cell phones ringing, or other busy plans around town.  This little clay snowman was a fun craft that all my kids, big and little really adored. Here’s what you’ll need: The scarf is simply yarn that my daughter braided: And the hat is a condiment cup, like the kind you use … Keep on reading

Christmas Bingo


I made this Christmas Bingo game to play with our homeschool friends when they came for a Christmas party. Print out as many of the first page as you have kids.  Print out one of the second page.  The second page becomes the cards you draw. On the first page kids should fill in the Christmas words from the word bank to whichever square they like.  There are a few more words than squares so not every word will be used.  Make sure the kids understand to use each word only once. There are pictures next to the words in the … Keep on reading

Butterscotch Haystacks


Making homemade Christmas candy is a tradition at our house.  Each of my kids get to choose one candy to make with me.  We have to make a double batch of these butterscotch haystacks, even though it makes a big batch. They’re a hit not only among our family, but with all our friends and neighbors too.  They only take 3 ingredients.  They are also no-bake which is awesome given the amount of holiday baking we do around here.  It’s nice to have something so yummy that is also so incredibly fast to make. Here’s what you need:   3 … Keep on reading

Santa Bread


For many years my mom has been making Santa Bread each Christmas.  This jolly guy not only looks adorable, but he’s made of bread dough, so you get a nice tasty treat (and not a sweet, which is also wonderful when EVERYTHING else seems to be sweets in December).  He is really easy to make.  This year my mom made him with my little girls.  They love to cook with Grandma, and they were so proud of themselves when they created their Santa bread masterpiece. Here’s what you need: Baking sheet rolling pin pizza cutter brushes for applying color (we … Keep on reading

Government Trivia


There are three major types of government and two major types of economies in the world.  You can learn more details about them with our Government Match Game.  This trivia game will help you apply the knowledge to features of modern governments and economies.  The game can either be played as a learning tool where kids do not know the information prior, but learn it through the course of the game or it can be used as a review for information they have already been taught. If you want to use it as a review kids should know these things … Keep on reading

Christmas Crinkle Ice Cream Sandwiches


Yum.  Let me repeat that.  Yum.  Hands up in the air for Christmas Crinkle Ice Cream Sandwiches.  They are the best Christmas treat at our house to date. Ingredients 3 beaten eggs 1 ½ c. sugar ¼ c. cocoa powder ½ c. cooking oil 2 t. baking powder 2 t. vanilla 2 c. flour powdered sugar candy canes or peppermint candies vanilla ice cream Directions Stir the eggs, sugar, cocoa powder, oil and vanilla together.  Add the flour and baking powder. Stir in.  Cover and chill in the fridge for an hour or more. Roll into 1 inch balls in … Keep on reading


Make orange and clove pomanders and find out why you find an orange in the toe of your stocking each year.

Every December we make a little bowl of orange and clove pomanders to set on our shelf.  The spicy citrus smell is spectacular. The process is simple – poke whole cloves into the skin of an orange.  You can use any pattern you’d like.  We make stripes, swirls, random designs, and polka dots.  My kids like to make their own initials sometimes. Ours aren’t always perfect, because they are made by little fingers at our place.  If you want yours to be perfect, you can put rubber bands around them to use as a guide for making perfect stripes.  We … Keep on reading

Snowman Shoot Out

Snowman shoot out with Nerf dart guns, bb guns, and archery.

We had a ton of fun doing this Christmas time activity with our boys.  We called it the Snowman Shoot Out.  It was one of the things on our Paper Chain Advent Calendar for December this year.  Nerf target shooting, BB guns, and archery were all on the program. The Targets The targets were all drawn freehand.  One of the benefits of snowman targets is that they’re really easy to draw.  This picture shows all the different targets we used for the events. The boxes were spray painted white first then snowmen were drawn on them.  They were used for … Keep on reading

Paper Christmas Wreath


We made these cute paper Christmas wreaths.  It was a project that my kids could do with minimal help from me, always a plus. Start by trimming a piece of green construction paper to 18″ by 9″, then fold the paper in half the long way, hot dog style.  Draw a line, a ruler width from the unfolded edge of the paper all along the length.  Then make marks 1/2 to 1 inch along the paper from the folded edge to the long line you just drew. Cut along the short horizontal lines, stopping at the long vertical line. Now … Keep on reading

Layers of Learning Unit 3-8

3-8 400x400

History: Early Modern France Geography: Indonesia Science: Bending Light Art: Baroque Art II   Description In Layers of Learning Unit 3-8 you can learn a survival skill like the French woods runners. Color a map showing the conflicts between the French and English. Create your own Indonesian batik. Eat satay, an Indonesian food. Use the lens equation to find the focal length of any lens then test your information by focusing the sun’s rays. And you can learn about Caravaggio and practice the art of still life painting with this Baroque artist. All this and many more activities are in … Keep on reading