Organizing Your Printables by Week

One of my greatest failings is laziness.  If we get to Friday and the math test isn’t already printed out for my son to take, I will just say, “ah, never mind, it’s okay if we skip it this week.”  We end up skipping it most weeks, which means he’s rotten at taking tests.  The same thing goes for the map of Turkey we were going to color or the diagramming sentences worksheet and on and on.

I’ve tried being disciplined and getting all the printables done on Sunday evening.  But laziness.  On Sunday evening I do not feel like spending a half hour or more getting all the printables for the week.

Organizing Your Printables

On the other hand I’m a fanatical planner.  I love organizing things.  So the method that works for me is to prepare all my printables for the whole year during my summer planning session and sort them into weekly folders for the whole year all at once.  It’s a marathon couple of days of getting prepared and then all through the year I just have to go to my folder for that week and pull out the already ready math test, map of Turkey, or whatever that I have planned.

How to organize a year's worth of homeschool printables.

All of my folders fit into a single plastic basket that I pull off my shelf each morning for school.  If that day’s lesson calls for a printable I know it’s in my basket in the folder for this week.

I label the folders with the month and which week of school we are on.  Inside my planner I also write the week # so I can keep track between the folders and the planner.

I keep track of the days assignments, and plan our whole year ahead using my Homeschool Mom’s Planner.

Will It Work For You?

This method isn’t for everyone.  You should try it if you tend to put things off, don’t discipline yourself consistently, find yourself swamped with no planning time on a weekly or daily basis through the school year, or if you’re just an organization freak who likes to have all the ducks in a row well before hand.

People who are good at disciplining themselves to plan school on a weekly or daily basis probably won’t like this method.  Also, if you’re trying out a new curriculum and aren’t totally sure you will stick with it, you may not want to make a whole bunch of printables only to discover it doesn’t work for you and you’ve wasted all sorts of money and time.  Then there are those who don’t need organized printables because they school in a less formal way or exclusively use workbooks, rarely worksheets or printables.

Why It Works For Me

It works for me because I like organizing things, but I’m not consistent enough to plan on a regular basis.  I also really like and need to have zero daily or weekly prep during the school year.  It’s really important to me to be able to just grab out that master basket full of my homeschool planner and printables and get to the lessons.  That leaves me time for running kids to basketball practice, scouts, and piano lessons, working on my blog or writing, cleaning house, having date nights with my husband, squeezing in a bit of exercise, reading a book, hot cocoa cup in hand, by the fire, and so on.  I can’t afford hours of weekly prep time.

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