Organizing Your Kids’ Schoolwork

I was perusing homeschool websites and came across this terrific idea for organizing your kids’ schoolwork on Homeschool Creations.   Jolanthe color codes her kids’ things, and also sorts worksheets and assignments into folders before the school year starts so it’s all set for them.  This, combined with filling out my kids’ assignments in their kid planners is going to make my school year smooth and rockin’.


Using the Layers of Learning curriculum, I’ll probably have a different folder for each month.  That will mean 2 units will go in each folder (one per pocket…perfect!)  i will put all of their printed assignments in there, the map for the unit, and cards with writer’s workshop assignment and fun additional layers for them to read and find out about.  It’s going to take some time this summer to get it all organized and ready, but it will make my homeschool mornings so much smoother next year . . . especially MONDAY MORNINGS!

Each of my kids have their own workbox too.  It has made them far more self-sufficient during our school time and made my life much easier.  You can read more about those here!

Thanks Jolanthe, for being so organized and sharing it with the rest of us!  How are all of you organizing your kids’ schoolwork?

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