Organizing a Study Space

Organizing a study space for your children is important whether you home school full time or need it for homework time.  The space you dedicate to it will depend on the space of your house and the teaching style of your family.  But here are some ideas that might help.

First, even if you don’t study at a table or desks, you probably need storage for books, supplies, and so on.  It’s nice if that storage can be behind closed doors.  Consider using dressers, the bottom closed portion of a bookcase, or the lower section of a hutch.  A bench with a lid can be perfect for setting in baskets of books or science supplies.  We put in kitchen cabinets in our new school room just for homeschool storage space.

school room

Your kids will probably need access to a computer, especially as they get older.  It’s nice if they have their own, because that way when they’re spending three hours writing an essay, it doesn’t keep you off the computer.  The computers though should be in public areas so you can keep an eye on what they’re doing.  We have six kids, all homeschooled who do some of their work on the computer and also like to play on the computers after school time, so we have three computers in a row in a computer station.  I have my own computer in another room and my husband has a netbook that he browses on wherever he likes in the house.

school room2

My two oldest each have their own desk.  We use this partly for storage of their books they use on a daily basis, but they also like to do their work there most of the time.  The little kids and I sit at a large square table in an adjacent room.  Every so often I go check on the big boys to make sure they’re still on task.  Some people just use the kitchen table or let the kids do their work on the couch.  Any of these is fine and a dedicated school room is not a necessity at all (but it is nice).

school room 3

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