Ninjago Birthday Cake

This past weekend we celebrated my son’s birthday and his one big request was a Lego Ninjago birthday cake.  We looked at various simple ideas, but he just really wanted a full body cake of Kai.  We decided our normal frosting cakes weren’t going to cut it for this one, so we explored the wonderful world of fondant.

I’ve seen Cake Boss enough times to know you can make ANYTHING with fondant.  You know how you watch So You Think You Can Dance and then you’re pretty sure you could do those moves too?  Then you sprain your ankle just trying to get off the couch?  Well, turns out Cake Boss is the same story.  Cake Boss can make anything with fondant; I cannot.

Several hours and 3 cake mixes into our project this was the status:

Not good.  Each of those sections is a full cake mix (the legs, the torso, and the head), so this thing is huge.  I tried to make the fondant stretch to cover it, but it just wasn’t happening.  I needed about three times as much as I had made.  I’m not gonna lie, the whole crumbly mess of a cake almost got scrapped at this point.

My husband and I finally decided to make a half frosting, half fondant cake and we were pretty happy with the end result:

Not bad for first time fondant cake artists,  eh?  {I’m using the term “artists” quite loosely here.}  We frosted the main body and then added all the details with shaped fondant.  The mask, the belt, the eyes and eyebrows, the arms, and the hands are all fondant.  It worked perfectly.  We added our son’s name in Chinese characters on the leg too.

In the end he was thrilled with it and we got big parent points for our giant cake venture. The buttercream frosting/marshmallow fondant combo was actually really tasty too, though I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to be eating all of this gargantuan cake.  If you want to try out the same yummy marshmallow fondant we used, click here for a link to the recipe I used.

Lessons learned

  • Make less cake and more fondant.
  • Wear gloves (my hands are sporting a lovely red tint that just won’t wash off).
  • Roll with the punches.  Adapt.  It will all work out somehow.
  • My son’s smile was worth all the hours we spent on this one.  Love you kiddo.  Happy birthday.


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2 Responses to Ninjago Birthday Cake

  1. Gma says:

    Wow! No wonder Tyler was so excited. You are terrific parents.

  2. Tash says:

    Very cool!

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