Mini Castle Craft

Make this Mini Castle Craft with your kids while studying the middle ages.

Just print the castles out onto card stock, color, cut along the dotted line over the castle and around the heavy line on the base, then fasten the base together in a circle behind.  Your castle can stand up on its own. Click on the castle printable below to go to the pdf.


Castles were much more than just the homes of royalty.  They were like towns, whole communities, all within the protection of castle walls.  Build a few of them to scatter along your countryside.

Library List

Here are some books to read to go along with your castle studies:

Additional Layers

  • Find some real castles online.
  • Compare Japanese medieval castles to European ones.
  • What do we use today for defense and how is this the same and different from the castles of the middle ages?
  • Castles are a marvel of engineering and design, but they were made obsolete by new technology in the form of gunpowder.  Learn more about how gunpowder changed the world.
  • The world is constantly being changed by technology.  What technologies are changing your world right now?  How do you feel about it?

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How to make a medieval book from stuff around the house.

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You can make this “armor” out of milk jugs and some string.

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4 Responses to Mini Castle Craft

  1. Kelley says:

    Cute! We’re not quite ready for learning about medieval times yet, but my oldest would be pretty into making a castle hat to wear while he does his Camelot puzzles!

  2. Thanks for linking up to BTT! Looks like a great activity, I’m following you on pinterest, we are starting Ancients next year…so this will come in handy down the road!!

    • Layers of Learning says:

      Following you back on Pinterest. I can’t wait to peruse your boards. I also posted your button on our Things We Love page…I’m so happy to have found your site!

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