Make-Your-Own Lap Whiteboards

Whiteboards have become an essential ingredient of our home school. The kids figure out math problems, practice their spelling words, write quiz answers, and practice drawing techniques. Not a day goes by that they don’t pull out the white boards (usually several times) for something. Meanwhile, my toddler also finds great joy in scribbling, erasing, scribbling, erasing, scribbling…and on and on and on! Anything that keeps her entertained is worth GOLD in our school room.

A few years back I discovered that tile board from Home Depot functions exactly like a white board (but it’s much cheaper!). An 8 by 4 foot sheet of it costs less that $12.00. Our store even cut it apart for me for free. That means I got 12 lap white boards (1 foot by 2 feet) and 2 larger ones (2′ by 2′) for under $12.00!  On their own they make a great white board, but I took it even one step further . . .

I bought some cheap flannel fabric to put on the back sides of the larger ones and created reversible flannel board/white boards.   I just stretched the flannel across the back side and held it in place with tape.  I border them each with electrical tape to make nice, smooth, black edges and they are the perfect addition to our school room.

white boards

I also made one of them into a fridge board by adding a calendar and lettering in vinyl and attaching magnetic tape to the back.

fridge board

The fridge board keeps track of our family activities, phone messages, menus, and out shopping list.  The lap boards are used to practice our spelling words, solve math problems, and write trivia game answers on.  I use the larger ones as a classroom type white board – big enough for me to write on so all the kids can see, but small enough that I can put it away in our supply closet and keep our rooms uncluttered and tidy.  We use them constantly, and I made them all for less than $15!

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  1. We Are A Happy Family says:

    I still have mine and we love it. It helped my son want to write.

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