Layers of Learning Unit 1-20


Price: $4.99

  • History: Roman Empire
  • Geography: You Explore
  • Science: Fungi
  • Arts: Composing Music


Learn how the Praetorian guard was as likely to murder the emperor as protect him as you make a Roman soldier costume.  In the “You Explore” section try one of our activities that you can apply to any place in the world to pursue your interests, like make a window shade from an old map or plan a real trip start to finish.  Culture bread mold and make spore prints in our “Fungi” section.  Play a “Note Name Beanbag Game” to learn the music staff and go online to compose your own music for real.  Plus way more cool stuff. This is a PDF.

In each unit you’ll find a recommended library list, important background information about each topic, lots of activities to choose from for kids of all ages, and sidebars with a bunch more ideas including Additional Layers, Fabulous Facts, On The Web, Writer’s Workshop, Famous Folks, and Teaching Tips.  Printable maps and worksheets are included at the end of each unit and may be printed as often as needed for your family or class.

1-20 sample page


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