Laundry Closet Organization

Want a peek at my laundry closet organization project?

Yes, you heard me.  We don’t have a whole laundry room, just a closet.  It’s efficient and central, but admittedly lacking in storage space.  There are cupboards above the washer and dryer that are adequate for holding my laundry supplies, my iron, and all my cleaning products.  What I didn’t have room for was a toolbox, and I desperately needed one.  I like keeping a set of basic tools in the house, but didn’t have a place for them.  There’s nothing worse than having to search through my husband’s piles of tools {and other stuff!} in the garage when I need to do a simple household job.  I knew I could make it work in my laundry room though, if I just got a little creative.  My laundry closet needed a little organization to make it happen though.

I raided the garage and brought this peg board into my laundry space.

I store a hammer, pliers, tape, glue, tape measures, gloves, nails and screws, my broom, and more all in plain sight on a board I painted to match my style.

I store pop up hampers right on top of the dryer so I can sort the laundry right into them, and I keep a simple bag of rags at the bottom of the pegboard so my kids can all reach rags when it’s chore time.

I’m really happy with my tiny laundry space in the end.  It’s serving all kinds of purposes and has managed to stay tidy and organized.

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