K-4th Student Planners For Kids

99 cent kids planners in color or black and whitePart of organizing your homeschool is teaching your kids to be organized. Besides, this student planner includes teaching tools like calendars for kids to keep track of time and graphs to keep track of weather.

Price: $0.99

They include:

  • Monthly undated calendars
  • Daily assignment sheets
  • Weekly assignment planner (choose between weekly and daily methods)
  • Graphs for weather tracking
  • A daily chore chart
  • Journal or narration pages
  • A chart to keep track of test scores, if required by your state or if you wish to use for motivation
  • Spelling list papers
  • Two cover options (shown at upper right)

Most of the pages come in either color or black and white so you can choose.

Homeschool student planners just 99 cents!

Many of the pages have editable fields so you can enter the subjects or assignments that come up every day for example.

Printable student planners for kids. 99 cents!

Each page of the planner is on a separate file for easier printing and flexibility.

All pages are full size 8 1/2″ by 11″ and intended to be printed and bound at a copy shop or hole punched and inserted into the front of your child’s school binder.

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  1. LaTrelle L. Pierre says:

    I need a planner for my students and the examples I see are fantastic and just what I need.

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