How To Make Floor Pillows

So my kids sit at a table or desk occasionally, but mostly they end up on the couch or the floor to do their school work.  And honestly, unless I’m typing at my desktop, I do my work slouched in an easy chair as well.

But having removed all traces of nasty, dirty, carpeting from our house, our floors are a bit hard.  So I thought some nice cushy floor pillows were in order.  I’m going to show you how to make floor pillows.

You need:

  • 2 squares of fabric, cut into 28″ by 28″ squares.  I choose contrasting fabrics.  I wanted cushy and nice looking fabrics, not Bob The Builder or Camo, because I wanted it to be in my living room without giving me stress.  I ended up buying two full sized blankets for $20 each and cutting them up to get six squares of fabric out of each, one pillow for each of my six boys.
  • A scrap amount of fabric for personalization.  The pillows were all going to be exactly alike so I wanted to personalize them in some way.  I decided to make fabric initials of my kids names and put one in the corner of each pillow.
  • Liquid Stitch.  This is for putting the personalized initial on the fabric.
  • Thread.

To make the initials I found a font I liked and printed it out really big on paper. Then I placed the paper and the fabric in a window and traced the shape with a pencil onto the fabric.  Then I just cut out the shape.

Next I glued the initial onto a corner of the dark brown fabric with Liquid Stitch.  You could also stitch over the initial to outline it with a zig zag or a running hand stitch, but I chose to leave mine plain.

Then I sewed the two fabric squares, right sides of the fabric together on three sides so it made a sack.  Next I stuffed the two pillows into the sack, arranging them a bit.

Finally I folded the raw edge into itself and sewed up the final seam.  You could add velcro or a zipper for more washing ease, but I’m too lazy for all of that, especially when I have to suffer through sewing six of the darn things.

So mine have a quilt pattern on one side and a fuzzy dark brown fabric on the other with a contrasting plain blue initial letter in the corner of the dark brown.

For homeschoolers or kids who lay around while doing their homework a few simple pockets sewed into the fabric for calculator or pencil storage would be super cool as well . . . hmmm, I may need to make a few more pillows for the school room.

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