How To Get Layers of Learning Homeschool Curriculum Free

Free Curriculum ProgramLayers of Learning Homeschool Curriculum is a spankin’ good deal.  You get a complete curriculum in four basic subjects that can be used with all of your kids through all of their school years for well under $100 for each of the four volumes.  Spankin’ good.

But we want everyone to be able to get it and we also want word of our curriculum to spread so we’d like to offer you a deal.  You blog, post, social media for us for free and we’ll give you our Layers of Learning homeschool curriculum free.

  1. We’ll send you any unit you request, currently for sale in our store.
  2. You’ll use the unit with your kids.
  3. You’ll write two reviews of the unit in a blog post, on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, another social media, in a homeschool chat room, in an e-mail sent to your homeschool group, or in another public or semi-public place.  Please make your review is specific to the unit you are reviewing rather than to the whole Layers of Learning Curriculum.
  4. You’ll email us at to let us know you sent the review out, send links so we can see what you wrote, and request your next unit.
  5. And we’ll send you your next unit of Layers of Learning Homeschool Curriculum free.

So you sign up for our deal, get the three units free, try them out, then send a facebook post saying “Just tried Layers of Learning Unit 1-1.  I loved . . . !” plus do a blog post or review in a homeschool or education forum, let us know you posted and we’ll send you the next unit of your choice. There’s no time constraints, get the first units now and don’t post for three months if you like.  Get tired of it?  Just stop posting, you keep the units you’ve already got.

You can eventually earn all eighty units, four years of units, your entire kids’ education in history, geography, science, and arts for 1st through 12th for free this way.

Just fill out this form to get started.  Then give us 48 hours to get back to you.

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Layers of Learning Free Curriculum Program

Tell us who you are

How do you plan to spread the word? (You can choose more than one)

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What ages of children will you be using this curriculum with? (You can choose more than one)

 Preschool-K 1st-4th 5th-8th High School

Tell us which unit you would like to try first:

One more thing.  We can for any reason discontinue the program or boot a particular participant or decline to allow someone to participate based on what we feel is best for our business.  However, we won’t discriminate based on externalities like religion, race, country of origin, etc.

*If you don’t receive an e-mail from us within 48 hours of sending your request, please e-mail us directly at  It was probably lost in the nether.

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2 Responses to How To Get Layers of Learning Homeschool Curriculum Free

  1. susan khan says:

    This curriculum is amazing! The way it is laid out and all that is included is well worth it. Thank you , thank you , thank you….

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