How To Create A Blog For Beginners Tutorial

We’re not a techies.  And that’s exactly why we wrote this tutorial on How To Create A Blog For Beginners.

Blog Creation Tutorial For Beginners Cover

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We get your language, we get your confusion, and we understand that written descriptions are useless without a picture.

Why You Should Listen To Us

When we started blogging in 2009 we were completely clueless.  The learning curve was huge and pretty much keeps being huge as we expand and learn more, step by step.  Neither one of us realized when we decided to write homeschool curriculum and use a blog as our platform for promotion that the techie side of the deal would take at least much effort as writing the actual curriculum.  Give me researching the Enlightenment and making it fun for six year olds over writing code any day.  (Karen actually is the better techie).  So we know what’s going on in your head, including the panic button.

How the Tutorial Was Created

We created a brand new Blogger (that’s Google’s platform and by far the best option for a beginner) blog and took notes, writing directions step by step, taking screen shots along the way, remembering some of the things that confused us.  The whole process is explained in order, the way you should proceed, the buttons to click on, and tips for making decisions along the way.

This is perfect for the absolute beginner, it is not for someone who has been blogging for several months and wants tips to take it further.

It Is For

Mom’s who want to blog about their homeschool experience. For teens who want to use a blog to practice their writing.  For photographers who want to show off their mad skills.  For crafters who want to sell their stuff.  For anybody who wants a non-techie website for free.  Parents to give to their teens who can then create a simple web site on their own.

What’s In It

The How to Start A Blog Tutorial is only fourteen pages of actual tutorial and that includes lots of screen shots taking up space. This is a good thing.  We’ve made it simple, we’ve made it easy, we’ve made it as quick as possible to get going on your actual blogging, while still having a cool looking site.

Price: $0.99
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