How To Clean Your Microwave Without Scrubbing

Cleaning the house is really hard work when you’re a homeschool mom, because well, your kids never leave.  I don’t have a 5 hour block in the middle of my day when my kids are gone and I can get things tidied up and organized again.  They’re here.  All the time.  Making messes.  All the time.  Yes, I’ll say it again – ALL THE TIME.  It can be overwhelming.

So I don’t clean in big chunks of time typically.  I find that we are always cleaning up as we go.  Always tidying things up so it doesn’t become too overwhelming.  I multi-task whenever possible.  Laundry is folded while learning times tables, and kids read to me while I’m cooking sometimes.   Over the years I’ve stumbled across tricks that make juggling my homeschool and homemaking more doable.  Cleaning the microwave quickly is one of those tricks.

How To Clean Your Microwave Without Scrubbing

Here’s how I do it – While I’m cooking dinner or sitting at the kitchen table teaching, I fill my pyrex measuring cup with water and a squirt of lemon juice, then cook it in the microwave for 3-5 minutes on high.

Cleaning the microwave (2)

By the time the microwave dings it has practically cleaned itself.  The steam releases all the junk from walls.  I just quickly wipe it out with a swipe from my cloth –  no scrubbing or scraping.  The lemon juice makes the whole kitchen smell fresh and clean.  I’ve accomplished two things at once.  That’s a little supermom action.

Need some more help reclaiming your clean house?  Click here for my top tips on how to combine homeschooling and housekeeping.   Happy housekeeping!

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