Planners for mom, planners for kids, planners for your homeschool; all in printable PDFs so you can make new ones again and again.

Mom’s Ultimate Planner

Karen and I made these planners for ourselves and thought you might like them too. They’re customized just for Mom.

We include:

  • Basic info sheet with your contact stats
  • A holiday list to add to your calendar
  • A birthday list
  • Monthly calendar sheets, ready to be filled in
  • Weekly calendar planner pages including to-do, appointments, menu, and grocery shopping plus check lists to mark off recurring daily and weekly to-do’s
  • Pages just for notes with a 1/4″ grid in the background
  • Contact pages where you can enter friends, family, and business phone, address, and e-mail info
  • Password pages for all the web sites in your life
  • Blog planning pages for the bloggers out there
  • Exercise log pages
  • Library lists
  • Calorie counting sheets
  • Clothing sizes so you’ve got all that info on hand
  • Gift ideas sheets to write down as you get brilliant ideas
  • Goal setting pages
  • Lined Journal Pages
  • Babysitter instruction sheets
  • Budget for your income and a plan for your savings
  • Pocketbook to keep track of your budget categories

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Keep an eye out for free pages and covers to print and add to your planner.

Little Kids Schoolwork Planners

Two levels for “K-1st” and “2nd, 3rd, 4th”.  Simple planners containing a monthly undated calendar, a weather graph for daily tracking, space to enter spelling lists and four weeks per month of daily assignments.  Download and print it yourself using two sided printing or put it on a memory stick and take it to your copy shop to have it two-side printed and bound.

For K-1st:

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For 2nd-4th:

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More Kids Planners

K-4th Planner

  • Monthly undated calendars
  • Graphs for weather tracking
  • Places to write learning goals for the month, books you’ve read, daily chores, memory work, your best work and things you need to work on
  • Daily assignment sheets
  • Weekly assignment planner (choose between weekly and daily methods)
  • ABC & 123 charts: for handwriting in print and cursive, 100 numbers chart that you can print out again and again as a learning tool, and various multiplication charts
  • Journal or narration pages in various widths
  • A chart to keep track of test scores, if required by your state, or if you wish to use for motivation
  • Spelling list papers
  • Dolch sight words for K-3rd grades to cut apart into flash cards and quiz on
  • Knowledge and skills checklist for K-4th
  • A scope and sequence for Layers of Learning’s four year rotation to keep on track with history, science, geography, and the arts.

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Price: $0.99

5th-8th Planner

Printable for all your kids as often as you like and formatted on a half size sheet.

Click on the image to see the sheets up close.


  • weekly assignment sheets
  • a learning checklist
  • US and world maps
  • what to read
  • and more.

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Price: $0.99


High School Planner

Planner is printable for all your kids again and again as often as you need.  Formatted in half sheet size.  Print double sided on 8.5″x11″ paper then cut in half, hole punch, and place in a half-size binder.  Each type of page is on a separate file so you can print as many or as few of each type as you like.

Click on the image to see the sample sheets up close.

  • monthly calendar
  • weekly calendar
  • daily planner pages
  • daily study schedule
  • four year high school planner
  • transcript worksheets
  • achievement worksheets
  • quarter checklist

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Comes in four styles, all included: Audrey Hepburn, Einstein, Yoda, and plain.

Price: $0.99

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