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Ancient History

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Medieval & Renaissance History

European Feudalism

King Arthur’s Crown
Anglo Saxon Kingdoms in 700AD – printable map
Viking Ship Craft
Viking People – craft & printable map activity
Illuminations Craft
The History of Christmas
Medieval Book Making Craft
Printable Mini Castle Craft
Coat of Arms Craft
Edward III’s Coat of Arms -printable shield to color
Canterbury Tales For Kids - printable figures to tell a tale
Milk Jug Knights
Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages – printable map activity

Middle East & Africa

Codex Book of the Hejira – Islam for kids, a book to print and color and craft
Ali Baba Book Project
The Tales of Nasreddin


On the Eve of the Mongol Destruction: A Map of “before” the Mongol Empire to print and color (1200 AD)
Indian Ocean Trade Routes – printable map/game
Wokou Pirates of Japan -printable map to color


Renaissance Recipe: Small Cakes
The Prince - discussion guide for high schoolers about Machiavelli’s most famous work
Ethiopia and Prester John

Age of Exploration

Columbus Day Crafts – links to around the web plus discussions to have with your kids
Columbus’ First Voyage – includes a printable map
Columbus Hat & Spyglass – printable
The Santa Maria: Columbus’ Flag Ship – printable
Map of Columbus’ First Voyage – printable
Age of Exploration Printable Timeline


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Battle of Mohacs (1500) Printable map to color and craft
Rebellion in the Netherlands – Printable map activity
Extremely Condensed Russian History (and Chicken Kiev recipe)

Central & South America

Ojo de Dios
Conquistador Map – and a short history lesson

North American Indians

Native American Sand Painting Craft
Native American Legends
How Raven Stole The Sun – A printable Native American legend to illustrate


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Modern History


David Thompson’s World - printable map for the Great Canadian explorer


Colonization of Africa – printable map
Waiting For The Rain book discussion about Apartheid

American Civil War

Abraham Lincoln Timeline – printable
Be A Civil War Soldier
Presidential Fact Finders Game – George Washington and Abe Lincoln

American Expansion

The Pony Express
Chinese Immigrants to America

World War I

World War I Timeline
Battle of Mons, WWI – Printable soldier figures
Build a Periscope
History of Ecology

World War II

Holocaust Books To Share With Your Children

Cold War

Cold War
Cuban Missile Crisis – printable script to do a re-enactment

Reform Movements

Civil Rights Timeline – printable
Women’s Suffrage

History Combined With Family History


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American Government

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