Easter Activities

Hope your Easter holiday is wonderful! We’re planning a few fun Easter activities for the weekend.

  • A mini egg hunt – We’ll have our regular egg hunt on Easter, but the kids are so excited that they want a pre-show event.  I’ll hide mini candy eggs around the house and let them go a findin’.
  • Easter crafts I found on Pinterest -



  • We’re also going to have an Easter Egg lunch.

Source: brandyscrafts.blogspot.com via Karen on Pinterest

  • Another fun tradition is our surprise eggs. We write $1 on a few of the eggs in our egg hunt . . . whoever finds them is a dollar richer. We also fill plastic eggs with unexpected things (like micro machines and other tiny toys, coupons for a date with Mom, or family activity ideas to do together written on slips of paper – go for a walk, sing silly songs, have a Just Dance dance-off.)
  • Egg Wars. We go head to head with each other when it’s time to eat our hard boiled eggs. Each player holds up their egg (narrow end against narrow or wide against wide), then chants, “1, 2, 3, 4, let’s have an egg war!” Then both people try to crack each other’s egg with one solid hit. Whoever cracks is out and the champ goes on to challenge another egg. It always ends when we have enough eggs open to eat!

Happy Easter!!!

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