Halloween Mystery Feast

The Layers of Learning kids don’t all live in the same state . . . unfortunately.  But every now and again we all get together.  This past week the Utah crew flew up to Idaho so we could all spend Halloween together.  We had a big Halloween Mystery Feast and then all went out trick-or-treating.

Michelle and I put the feast together, complete with simple decor – a black tablecloth, black and orange dishes, pumpkins, a black light, candles, and a Halloween garland.  Nearly everything we do has at least a slight Harry Potter theme, and naturally, our Halloween Feast was no different.  Each guest got a treat bag from Honeyduke’s Sweet Shop with Chocolate Frogs and wizard cards, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, Fizzing Whizbees, Chocolate Eyeballs, and Taffy Wands.

The guests ordered from the menu without knowing exactly what those menu items were. Here’s a key:

The guests all came in costume of course.  After we ate our 3 course meal we also played some Potterish games – Find the Horcruxes and Dementor’s Kiss.

Then everyone went trick-or-treating.  There were 14 of us all in all, so there were a lot of gasps and “oh-my’s” when we all showed up to the door.

So fun to get all those Layers of Learning cousins together!  I just wish we could be neighbors and have homeschool lessons together.  Just imagine the battles we would act out with all these players!  Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

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  1. Gma says:

    Looks like a great party! What creative moms you are. (I also liked your location!)

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