GOOD Books For Teens Are So Hard To Find

From birth to age twelve or so our kids are sheltered, protected, kept free from the evil of the world.  Then suddenly society decides kids from thirteen on up should be inundated with evil . . . ‘cuz it’s normal, they have to know about the realities of life, it reflects their normal experiences in the world and we want to respect that, and they’re ready for “adult” material. 

I have completely had it with idiot authors who lace their teen level books with sex, violence, profanity, drugs, alcohol, and every other evil imaginable.  Try actually writing something worth reading.  How about that?  There is nothing mature or grown up about evil stuff.  And there’s certainly nothing mature or grown up about lack of self-control, cruelty, giving away your ability to think and act independently, or destroying another person’s self-respect on inundating yourself in an environment that caters to those things.  At the “junior” level I could count on books being free of stuff that would damage my kid’s spirit’s, but that little step up to the “young adult” level means almost everything is absolute trash. 

Recently I found an author who has a clue about actually writing as opposed to scintillating.  His name is Anthony Horowitz.  He wrote/is writing a series of books starring fourteen year old Alex Rider, a secret agent for the British Intelligence agency, MI6.  The first book in the series is called Point Blank.  My fourteen year old son loved the first and can’t wait to read the rest. 

Other authors for teens that I love:

And Classic authors for teens:

If you have a great author or book for the teen age group, let me know, won’t ya?

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  1. We Are A Happy Family says:

    I really like Freckles and Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratten Porter

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