Frozen Yogurt Dots

We’re all yogurt fans.  We eat it for plain, make smoothies with it, and now we also make this yummy little treats.  They make a perfect healthy snack for when we have a sweet tooth.  Plus, they are really easy and fast to make.

You just scoop a few spoonfuls of your favorite flavor of yogurt into a plastic baggie.  Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper and snip off one corner of the yogurt baggie to allow bits of yogurt to drop out.  Put drops of the yogurt on to the waxed paper.


It only took me a couple of minutes to fill 2 big cookie sheets.  Finally, you just slip the whole cookie sheet into the freezer.  Once the yogurt is good and frozen you pop the dots off the waxed paper and put them into a small resealable container and store them in the freezer.

My kids love having little snacks on hand, and these are pretty tasty.  The only drawback is that they thaw really fast once they’re out of the freezer, so they can only get a few out to eat at a time.  Really yummy though.


We’ve made quite a few flavors – strawberry, strawberry banana, peach, blueberry, lemon, and key lime pie.  We usually buy Yoplait because we love the flavor, but it will work with whatever your favorite yogurt is.   Hope you like these tasty frozen yogurt dots as much as we did!



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3 Responses to Frozen Yogurt Dots

  1. krcalkins says:

    We love these too! I have been hoping to hear about your spring vacation. I would love to see pictures.
    After graduation I was invited to go to China on an archaeological dig but could not go.

  2. Layers of Learning says:

    I promise to post some pictures soon. The trip was amazing! We took about 1000 pictures and sorting through and editing them is taking a horrendously long time. I’ll get it done though…promise!

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