Free Printable Blog Calendar 2013

Unable to keep track of where I am in my posting world, I made this calendar for myself.  I decided to make it a Free Printable Blog Calendar for everybody.

Free Printable Blogger's Calendar

It’s formatted to fit in a half-sized notebook planner and works with our Printable Mom’s Planner.

When you open up the document you’ll see the months in odd order, that is so when you print the blogger’s calendar on regular paper and double sided, your months end up in order.  (This took me a few times to get right; be thankful, exuberantly, vocally thankful in the comments).  Major US holidays are included and the calendar is dated for 2013.  It starts in February because I just now got to it.

Bloggin' Calendar

I also included one page for you to write down your weekly schedule such as meme’s you regularly post to, features you always do on your site, social media blitzes you do on a regular basis, and so on.

It’s free so print away!  I know, I know, the ink isn’t, so set your printer to black and white before you print if you like.

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