Foundational Principles of Good Government

I never learned about American government in school.  Did you?  I mean, I learned that there was a Boston Tea Party and a Revolution and George Washington was a great guy and we have a democracy because of the Constitution and hooray America!
But I had no idea how our government worked or why the Founders chose this particular form or what the
Constitution really says. 
I didn’t learn any of that until long after high school.  I didn’t even learn it in college.  I learned it by reading great books on my own after I became curious about who we really are as a nation.  I decided my own kids would not have the same experience I did.  I would teach them about our miraculous and amazing government from the time they were young.  I would empower them to understand and defend our government, the government of the people. 

As part of that effort, I’ve written a high school and above course on good government.  It’s called Foundational Principles of Good Government.  The course contains individual units on government philosophy, our American form of government, the duties and responsibilities of citizens, the duties and responsibilities of the government, the branches of government, the Constitution, what the government is prohibited, capitalism, and warnings of the founders.  This is the real version of government from the point of view of the Founders, not the politically correct watered down version you’ll find in American social studies books.  Direct quotes from the Founders are sprinkled over every page so you can read for yourself what they said about these topics.  Discussion questions are included along with a list of more great government books to study.

You can see what the reviewers at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine have to say about it here.

Purchase a copy here or click on our products tab at the top of the page.

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