Foundational Principles of Good Government is a Must-Read

We want to remind you, what with all the craziness in the world: occupations, parties, revolutions, and so on, now it is more important than ever to understand government, where it comes from, what it is, how it relates to you as an individual, and what your responsibilities and rights are regarding it.

Foundational Principles of Good Government, lovingly referred to by us at Layers of Learning as FPOGG (wink), is available now.  You can buy it here from our website in physical or e-book or purchase it through Rainbow Resource, where it has been reviewed and approved by them, in physical book form. 

Read the review from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

It was written for high school and up, though we’ve used the program with younger kids as well.  You’ll learn about the Constitution from the Founders point of view, including many quotes from the Founders themselves.  You’ll learn about the philosophical underpinnings of the Constitution and the books and thinkers that came before.  You’ll learn your duties and duties of government.  And most importantly perhaps, you’ll learn about the constraints placed on government and what it means to have a Republic.  Throughout the reader is directed to the original documents: the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, and the Constitution itself. 

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